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Composite Windows DallasThe secret behind the window’s performance is it’s exceptionally low air infiltration ratings, low frame conduction and our exclusive “Heat Reflector”coatings with Argon Gas. These unique benefits can lower the energy consumption of a typical home by as much as 40%.

The Performer IV Composite window offers outstanding thermal performance and exceeds the most rigorous Energy Star Requirements.

Instead of a window that looks like a vinyl replacement window, Performer IV Composite Window will match your original architecture with Beauty, Quality and Performance.

Window Styles

Slider Windows

Slider Windows let the sun shine in. Clean lined and functional, sliders can be used to open up a panoramic viewing area in any room or to provide a graceful sense of spaciousness to any interior. With their sleek hardware and contemporary feel, Performer IV Slider Windows are perfect for spaces that incorporate modern designs. With a wide range of sizes
and internal grid patterns, there are countless ways to incorporate their smooth functionality into your home.

Composite Window Dallas

Casement Windows

Casement Windows offer a whole new level of beauty in a window that is also wonderfully functional. Its superior design makes it ideal not only for single window units but also for
creating multiple assemblies like Bows, Bays, Pictures and your own original

Bay or Bow

Bay or Bow Windows are one of the most popular ways to give your room more light andPerformer Composite Windows Dallas
space without adding square footage. These windows lend charm and beauty to any room.  They are ideal for creating eating nooks, bath surrounds, and mini greenhouses. When it comes to Bay and Bow Windows, Performer IV Windows really does have it all and it’s because our Bays and Bows are made to order.  The side units of a Performer IV Bay or Bow Window can be set at your choice of degree angles to achieve any look you desire. Once you’ve chosen the angle, we can build Bay or Bow Windows in an endless variety of sizes.


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Best Composite Window Dallas

Hardware Finishes
To create a style and finish that reflects your unique taste our hardware is designed to
harmonize with our different window styles and decor ideas.

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Performer IV Composite Windows vs Vinyl Window Frame
Composite Window Dallas TX


Composite Windows Dallas Texas

Heat Reflector™ Glass Package

Performer IV Composite Windows feature the very best in thermal efficiency technology, three times more than most companies, to maximize thermal performance, and keep your home comfortable.
Heat Reflector™ Glass blocks about 80% of the sun’s heat from entering your home while letting the light shine through.

We are able to accomplish this with multiple microscopic layers on the inside of the outer pane of glass. Keeping your home bright, while blocking harmful UV rays.

Each Heat Reflector™ Double Pane System also incorporates Argon gas in between double-strength glass to complete the glass pack. Argon, a safe naturally occurring gas, helps to block the transfer of heat better than air while increasing energy efficiency, adding protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and helping to deaden sound.

Sputter coatings consist of multiple layers of metals and oxides whose
combined thickness is only 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair!
• First generation single-silver coatings consisted of 5 layers.
• Double-silver coatings can have 12 layers.
• Triple-silver coatings can have 18 layers.

Composite Window Dallas Texas

Composite Windows Texas


AIR INFILTRATION / DRAFTS is a term used to describe the air leaking into or
out of your home through the window frames. The graph shows the amount of
air in cubic feet that may come through the window at speeds of 25mph.

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