30 Day Money Back Guarantee
+ A Triple Life Time Warranty!*


Thank you for placing your confidence in Gulf Coast Windows. You can be certain that our products and our company will maintain the highest quality of performance & service you expect from your Dallas window replacement company.

In fact, we’re so confident of this claim, we offer you this exclusive 30 day money-back guarantee on our composite replacement windows with a triple life-time warranty. If that’s not enough, glass breakage is included. That’s right, should an accidental glass breakage occur, we’ll replace your glass for FREE!

Our commitment to you is supported by this guarantee and Gulf Coast Windows assurance that you will be delighted with the quality of our workmanship and performance of our Performer Composite Windows. Over the years, you will experience why Gulf Coast Windows is the only window company that can make this offer.

* Call for more information on our amazing Guarantee and Warranty.